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Trial de novo
Common law In common law systems, one feature that distinguishes a trial de novo from an appellate proceeding is that new evidence may not ordinarily be presented in an appeal (though there are rare instances when it may be allowed—usually evidence that came to light only after the trial and could not, in all diligence, have been presented in the lower court).
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de novo

de no·vo /dē nō vō, dā / adv or adj [Medieval Latin, literally, from (the) new]: over again: as if for the first time: as a: allowing independent appellate determination of issues (as of fact or law) a de novo review b: allowing complete retrial…
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De Novo
De Novo de novo adv or adj [Medieval Latin, literally, from (the) new]: over again : as if for the first time: as a: allowing independent appellate determination of issues (as of fact or law) [a de novo review] b: allowing complete retrial upon new evidence compare abuse of discretion, clearly erroneous NOTE: A de novo review is an in-depth review.
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De Novo Period
Define De Novo Period. means the period during which MBB is authorized to operate with certain asset growth restrictions, which period is currently scheduled to end on March 11, 2011 Except as set forth on the Extension of De Novo Period Schedule, neither the Corporation nor any Subsidiary has been advised by, or received any notice from, any Governmental Entity that it is considering
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De Novo
“Anew” – Usually used in the context of “trial de novo” – a new trial ordered when the previous one failed to reach a conclusion. Bangladesh Law Digest (BDLD)
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Cardozo Law Review de•novo

de•novo is the online companion to the Cardozo Law Review.
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de novo
September 28, 2014 September 29, 2014 cocommonlaw Colorado Law abuse of discretion, CCJRA, de novo, public interest, Public Records It seems like Colorado courts are unsure of what their role is or should be in determining the public interest Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (CCJRA) suits.
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* Trial de novo (Law)
De Novo: Anew, afresh; a “~” is the retrial of a case. The Legal Dictionary has taken steps to ensure that all legal, law, and court terms contained in our legal dictionary are correct. If you feel that the definition of any of our law or legal related terms is not correct please contact us.
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The De Novo Appeal: Proposed Changes (Vic)
A de novo appeal is an appeal from the Magistrates’ Court to the County Court, where the County Court looks at the matter afresh as if there was never a previous decision. If a person decides to appeal their criminal conviction or sentence to the County Court, the Judge hearing the case does not consider the previous decision, or the evidence that was given at the previous hearing.
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De Novo Review Definition
Wisconsin Family Law Info states that the party seeking a De Novo Review should file within 10-15 business days. Dodge County All motions for De Novo Review of a decision of the Family Court Commissioner, pursuant to Sec. 767.13(6) , Stats., must be filed within 30 …
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Texas Family Code § 201.015
(c) In the de novo hearing before the referring court, the parties may present witnesses on the issues specified in the request for hearing. The referring court may also consider the record from the hearing before the associate judge, including the charge to and verdict returned by a jury.
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The meaning of a hearing DE NOVO in arbitration …

 · De novo, in the context of arbitrations, means determining the matter afresh. However, there seems to be confusion regarding the meaning and the import of the term de novo in the context arbitration proceedings at the CCMA. Some practitioners and CCMA
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De Novo, the tri-annual newsletter of the Law Library of Louisiana, includes articles on Louisiana legal history, current trends in law and information science, and news from the Louisiana Supreme Court. You can also subscribe to our email list to receive De Novo as
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TRIAL DE NOVO A new trial before a different judge or in a different court. A trial that… HOMAGE In feudal law. A service (or the ceremony of rendering it) which a tenant was… VENIRE FACIAS practice, crim. law. According to the English law, the proper